Social Infrastructure Audit – HRA PLANNING

As a developer, how can you quantify the type and extent of social infrastructure available to support of your development?

As a Planning Authority, do you require analysis of social infrastructure provision to justify landuse zoning?


HRA PLANNING Chartered Town Planning Consultants completed The Leixlip Social Infrastructure Audit on behalf of Kildare County Council in April 2019.  The objective of this audit was to identify and assess the type, extent and coverage of social infrastructure services in Leixlip relative to the existing community, and, future development areas.  The Social Infrastructure Assessment is being used by Kildare County Council to inform the preparation of the new Leixlip Local Area Plan in terms of landuse zoning, and spatial development objectives.
















The study undertaken by HRA PLANNING included quantitative, qualitative and spatial assessment of the existing infrastructure provision, and recommendations for future services based on demographic and area based analysis in relation to services such as; education & training; childcare; local health services; neighbourhood centres; parks & open-space; community arts, sports and other amenities.



The study methodology employed a dynamic application of spatial map-based analysis of survey and demographic census data, in tandem with; interactive online community engagement; and a ‘community asset mapping’ consultation event.


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