HRA PLANNING provides integrated ‘Town Planning’ and ‘Environmental Planning’ services in response to the increasing environmental impact assessment requirements as part of the Plan making, and planning permission and development process.

Service Overview:

HRA PLANNING has the expertise to determine the nature and extent of environmental assessment requirements early in the process and to inform the preparation of the Plan or Project at initial stages.

Such environmental requirements include, ‘Environmental Impact Assessment’ [EIA], ‘Appropriate Assessment’ [AA] and other ecological reporting which might be necessary to comply with the Planning requirements and, necessary to provide the evidence to secure planning permission.

HRA PLANNING hold professional qualifications and offer a wealth of experience in undertaking Environmental Impact Assessment and preparing Environmental Impact Assessment Reports (EIARs) for various landuse activities and development projects. We have project managed and have prepared EIARs and AAs for numerous development sectors including; residential, commercial, industrial and retail, extractive and waste management industries, and, port and marine development.

Our approach is based on our inherent understanding of existing and new EIA provisions and familiarity with the Planning system and Planning legislation under which EIARs and AA will be assessed, and, planning permission will be based.

HRA PLANNING lead and project manage the entire EIA process from start to finish including project management and peer review of any additional specialist inputs. The suitability of our approach in undertaking and project managing EIA process has been demonstrated by the numerous EIARs that have withstood the scrutiny by competent bodies and third-party challenges.

This expertise cannot be replicated by
other design professionals. Let us tailor
a solution to your requirements.


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