Galway Metals Waste
Metal Recycling Facility

Galway Metals Company Ltd.


The provision of Planning and environmental impact assessment services to Galway Metals Company Ltd, waste metal and end of life (ELV) processing facility in Oranmore Co. Galway.

Since 2014, HRA PLANNING has successfully secured 5 separate planning permissions for continued and expanded waste metal processing for this industrial facility. The success of each of these planning permissions reflects the expertise and understanding of HRA PLANNING in land use and environmental planning provisions in relation to the waste metal processing and recycling industry. HRA PLANNING has prepared and project managed all planning application requirements including preparation of several environmental impact assessment reports (EIARs) taking into account, the potential for effects to designated sites of ecological sensitivity downstream.

Project Outcome:

Timely and cost effective delivery of planning permissions to facilitate continued industrial operations and demonstrate compliance with planning consents, and waste licence obligations.

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