With an established background in public sector Planning, HRA PLANNING has a wealth of expertise in formulating, reviewing and contributing to in the preparation and formulation of planning policy. 

Service Overview:

This Town Planning expertise falls under three specific areas:

Plan Preparation:

As Chartered Town Planning Consultants, HRA PLANNING has prepared numerous statutory landuse Plans on behalf of local authorities throughout Ireland under the statutory provisions of the Planning and Development Act 2000 (as amended).

This has included the preparation of Development Plans, Local Area Plans, Town, and neighbourhood renewal and regeneration strategies and which include, the formulation of development/renewal strategy, planning and environmental policy objectives, and landuse zoning plans taking into account national and regional Planning objectives and environmental considerations.

Plan Review:

The town and environmental planning expertise of HRA PLANNING has been retained recently by the new National ‘Office of Planning Regulator’ (OPR) to assist its function as Planning regulator in reviewing, and making recommendations to local authorities in ensuring local authority Development Plans strategy and policy, is sufficiently responsive to statutory requirements.

Plan Submission:

HRA PLANNING are retained on a continuous basis to make submissions and representations to local authorities seeking new policy measures, and/or specific landuse zoning objectives.

Our rezoning submissions are based on an inherent understanding of the Plan making process, and consideration of the physical, social and environmental planning issues as they apply on a case-by-case bases. Rezoning submissions use the legislative basis and planning evidence supported by spatial analysis (link to internal page) and mapping to support their cause.

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