Social Housing PPP Schemes
– Bundle 1 & 2 (900 units)

National Development Finance Agency (NDFA)


HRA PLANNING was retained under two separate contracts, to provide planning services to the NDFA who were working in conjunction with numerous local authorities, to advance the delivery of social housing projects throughout Ireland.

HRA PLANNING advised on all planning maters from planning feasibility at site selection, the planning consents process, through to the construction tendering process. The project involved extensive public consultation. The input of HRA PLANNING ‘de-risked’ these projects and reduced the potential for legal challenge by identification and effective response to all planning considerations including compliance with planning policy provisions, and compline with development standards and ensuring effective design to facilitate social and community integration.

Project Outcome:

Planning consent was secured for circa 900 units on sites located in Dublin City and the Greater Dublin area (including Kildare), Louth, Cork, and Clare, Galway and Waterford.

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