National Planning Conference 2013

planning conference

The National Planning Conference 2013 is almost upon us.  This years event is organised by Mary Hughes (director of HRA PLANNING) and Board member of the Irish Planning Istitute – the professional body representing professional planners.

Mary has formulated this years event on the increasingly important theme for planners on  ‘Achieving Competitiveness & Promoting Innovation – The Future Role of Planning’.  Key aspects of the  conference which will be held for the first time in Belfast on the 25th-26th April will be focused on future planning challenges from an economic, maritime and renewable energy perspective whilst also examining the role of planning in facilitating competitive cities and regions.

Mary says that;hosting the conference in Belfast for the first time provides a real opportunity for planners to engage in cross border learning.  The conference has been framed around topical planning issues including local government reform in the Republic of Ireland and planning reform in the North of Ireland. The conference theme was framed on the belief that planners have a critical role in contributing to the competitiveness and economic development of Ireland and that change in structures and practices are necessary to ensure that the role of planners is maximised.  On behalf of the IPI, the conference has attracted international and national practitioners to speak at the conference on a diversity of topics including renewable energy, maritime planning and economic development.

Read Mary’s professional profile here or find out more about the conference including booking here.