Preparation of the new Limerick Development Plan – August 2020

Limerick City & County Council have launched the preparation of the new Limerick Development Plan.

“The Limerick Development Plan is the first combined plan for Limerick city and county since the merger of the two local authorities in 2014 and is one of the most important functions of the council. 

The plan will be the blueprint for the physical and socio-economic development of Limerick over a six year period, up to 2028 and beyond, and will set out the overall strategy for the proper planning and sustainable development of the city and county as a whole

Members of the public, children, businesses, community groups and other interested stakeholders are being invited to give their views on the future of Limerick”

Whether you’re an established business, if you have development interests, or you are a special interests in the spatial development of the City, its environs, towns and villages, or the rural areas, this is the opportunity to have your say in the formulation of spatial development objectives and planning policy that will guide and control future development for the next 6 years.

Based in the heart of Limerick City, HRA PLANNING has in-excess of 20 years experience and expertise in Plan making for residential development, commercial and industrial activities, community development, and, heritage and the environment.

Urban and rural development, and city and settlement growth objectives requires sound rationale and understanding of National and Regional development objectives and growth projections, and, national and European obligations.

Contact HRA PLANNING if you require assistance in the formulation of ‘Development Plan’ submissions to Limerick City & County Council.