HRA PLANNING submits planning application for bio-energy sector

alternative energy planning

Alternative energy development is a growth industry in Ireland and depending on circumstances, may be subject to planning permission and environmental impact assessment.

Continuing to lead the the way in landuse planning and environmental impact assessment, HRA PLANNING has been engaged by a leading bio-energy research and development company to secure planning permission for a technological innovation hosting hub seeking to use thermal processes to test the viability of energy extraction from various waste streams.

This is a unique landuse activity that requires methodical consideration of not just landuse Planning obligations, but also the interrelated obligations relating to environmental impact assessment (EIA) and appropriate assessment (AA) arising from the definitions and limitations of use set out under the Planning Acts and the Waste Management Acts.

In this instance, HRA PLANNING were engaged to formulate the planning application, to undertake the AA Screening assessment and to present the technical and legislative grounds to demonstrate why mandatory EIA obligations do not apply to the project.



  • Planning Application strategy,formulation, management and reporting
  • Advice and interpretation on Landuse Planning and environmental impact impact legislation
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Screening
  • Appropriate Assessment (AA) Screening assessment and reporting

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