HRA PLANNING secures Planning Permission for Cement Manufacturer

HRA PLANNING has secured planning permission on behalf of one of Ireland’s leading cement manufacturing companies.  The planning application which included the preparation of an EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) by HRA PLANNING was granted planning permission within the minimum eight weeks by the planning authority without incurring any planning delays.

Planning Consultants HRA PLANNING

Cement manufacturing is an energy intensive activity, traditionally very reliant on fossil fuels to generate the heat necessary in the kin for cement production.  The planning permission secured by HRA PLANNING facilitates the cement manufacturer in reducing their dependency on fossil fuels and in working toward their 90% fossil fuel replacement by using recycled Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) materials in their energy demand. The project required new physical development buildings and infrastructure and the use of an additional refinement processing of the SRF material prior to its injection in the fuel supply system.  The implementation of the project will enhance the quality of the alternative SRF fuel supply, and will result in greater efficiency and sustainability of operations.


Planning Services provide by HRA PLANNING:

  • Formulation of planning application and site development strategy;
  • Local Authority and prescribed body consultation;
  • Project management of the planning application process and of the design team;
  • Preparation, project management and lead author of the Environmental Impact Statement and all responsibility for all specialist inputs


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