HRA PLANNING – Planning Application for Floating Data Centre

Floating Data Centre


HRA PLANNING has lodged a planning application seeking planning permission for Ireland’s first floating data cente.  The planning application, which includes conservation and enhancement works to the Port of Limerick, will include the mooring of a purpose built vessel within the existing dock for data storage in response to the increasing global demand for data storage and processing.

The intended operator of the project – ‘Nautalis’ – is a global pioneer in data centre technology, leading a fundamental shift in the data centre industry. This proposal follows from Nautilus’s first commercial data centre which is currently under construction in Calfornia.  It will use water cooling technology in its data centre that operates more efficiently and less expensively than traditional land-based facilities.

Limerick Dock was selected above other European Ports and presents the ideal port based opportunity and location that will accommodate one of the greenest data centres in the world.

This marine based development is responsive to the strategic, regional and local development objectives and presents the opportunity to complement and create synergy with existing port users and port activities.

The Planning services include; spatial, environmental and flood risk analysis; and design team management.  Please contact us further for further information on these services.