National Planning Framework – consultation commenced

Planning Consultants National Development Framework

The Government has commenced consultation on the country’s National Planning Framework, a new spatial plan for Ireland designed to guide planning and development until 2040.

The National Planning Framework is a long term strategy to assist in the formulation and delivery of public policy and investment, including areas such as housing, jobs, transport, education, health, environment, energy and communications throughout the country and between the regions.

The public’s views on these issues can be made until Thursday 16th March 2017. Whether you have or intend to have an interest in strategic development or investment in the Country or within the regions, and wish to make your views known, then HRA PLANNING can help you.  As spatial Town and Regional Planners, and with expertise in the formulation of and implementation of spatial strategies and development policy, HRA PLANNING can assist in the formulation and presentation of your views.

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