HRA PLANNING completes Urban Capacity Analysis

HRA PLANNING completed an Urban Capacity Assessment for Fingal.  Commissioned by Fingal County Council, the purpose of the assessment was to inform the Council in its preparation of the new Fingal County Development Plan by:

  • establishing and assessing the availability of land supply with existing urban areas for residential use;
  • determining a potential housing yield from such land at a County and individual settlement level; and
  • analysing upper floor activity/utilisation within town centres to identify quantum of vacant upper floors suitable for residential use.

The approach required consideration of residential densities on a site specific basis responsive to; site and locational circumstances and availability of transport mobility infrastructure; and National and Regional Planning provisions supporting increased urban development and higher density where appropriate.

The study and outputs included ArcGIS spatial analysis with findings presented on spatial datasets for future use by the local authority.   Contact us for further information on our spatial analysis.