Spatial Analysis – Housing Tenure, Limerick City

16 September 2020 on Latest News by

HRA PLANNING Chartered Town Planning Consultants are currently engaged in some interesting spatial analysis of housing tenure including, examination of the location, and predominance of household types at a Limerick City and county level.


This spatial analysis presents multiple capabilities. Amongst other things, outputs can assist in providing the evidence for specific planning and development projects, and, the suitability of its location in the context of city, regional or national objectives, and, it can assist submissions on Development Plans. This information can be prepared for print or, for interactive online analysis and collaboration.

Planning Consultant, Limerick
Tenure Analysis based on spatial distribution and predominance of household size. HRA PLANNING

If this type of spatial analysis is of interest to you or your organisation, then get in touch if you wish to explore opportunities for this or other types of spatial analysis.

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