Site Feasibility Appraisal

Provision of short, medium and long-term development / landuse options based on professional analysis and application of planning policy and legislation and, spatial and environmental issues on a site-by-site basis throughout the Country.

HRA  PLANNING continue to offer effective and speedy assistance to financial and restructuring institutions, investment and developer interests seeking clarity and advise on property and development potential assets.

As chartered town planning consultants, HRA PLANNING is in a pre-eminent position to undertake and assist site feasibility appraisal and review of property and development portfolios.  We have inherent expertise in landuse planning and development policy, development guidelines and how these apply on a site-by-site basis.  These site feasibility skills are vital in clarifying planning history, forecasting asset value, determining developable landbanks and site optimisation, or disposing of property assets. Site Feasibility services include;

– examining development potential;

– advising on the need for, and extent of planning permission,

– duration of existing planning permissions,

– opportunities and constraints of zoning objectives,

– alternative and change of use options,

– site assembly and preparation of masterplans and development briefs.

We take account of planning policy objectives, potential flooding, environmental and ecological considerations – factors that will influence development options.

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