Residential new-build & house extensions

Applying for an extension to an existing dwelling in an urban area or considering a new build in the countryside?

If the answer is yes, then your planning application may need to demonstrate compliance with planning policy for rural areas or to demonstrate that an extension acknowledges neighbouring properties and boundary sensitivities whislt maximising your development potential.

As ex-local authority planning officers with expertise in assessing planning applications for residential development in urban and rural areas, HRA PLANNING is constantly retained to advise on the likelihood of obtaining planning permission by the applicant or by design professionals.  We can interput the limitations of planning policy in urban and rural areas and apply it on a site-by-site basis with consideration of neighbouring residential amenities. We can inform you of the issues that will influence the assessment by the planning authority, and what approach to take to demonstrate compliance with planning policy.

Gary Rowan (HRA PLANNING Director) was one of the authors of the highly acclaimed Rural Design Guide for Co. Cork and brings a wealth of expertise in rural  siting, location and design, and site specific amenity and ecological issues.
HRA PLANNING can offer either a consultation service or detailed input into the planning application process addressing the following based on your requirements;

  • Appraisal of site specific planning policy to inform the development and design strategy;
  • Identification of neighbouring sensitivities used to guide design and designers;
  • Supporting planning statement demonstrating compliance with planning policy for lodgement with planning application;
  • Review of local authority decesion and advice on revised development options;
  • Preparation of Natura Impact Statements;
  • Advise on and/or preparation of planning appeal statements to An Bord Pleanála.

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