Professional Advice

Professional opinion and clarity on the implications of planning policy or planning permission for site specific development projects, landuses and property.

HRA PLANING can assist with all aspects of planning and environmental legislation, the planning application, planning appeals and judicial review processes.  We are engaged to advise on; commercial development options,  property acquisitions and disposal, and to address planning and environmental issues for new development projects.

As Chartered Town Planning Consultants, our Planning expertise provides an unrivaled understanding of the planning system, planning legislation, the consent process and how to demonstrate compliance with planning policy.

The extent of our input is responsive to your requirements.  It can include consultative verbal advise, provision of professional opinion and reporting or,  devising site specific design/development/compliance strategy for the benefit of local authorities, judicial cases or to guide design and other commercial professionals.   In 2015/16, these Planning skills are being engaged by the following sectors;

Government Departments and semi-state organisations

Local Authorities

Banks, financial and restructuring institutions

Legal professionals

Design team professionals including architects and engineers


Local Communities


This expertise cannot be replicated by other design professionals. Let us tailor a solution to your requirements.

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