Strategic Infrastructure Development

Strategic Infrastructure Development – Planning Applications

The provisions of the Strategic Infrastructure Development Act, provides a streamlined process where certain planning applications can be made directly to An Bord Pleanaála for determination effectively bypassing the the local authority.  This provision applies to certain and specified private and public strategic infrastructure developments that generally relate to major energy, transport, environmental and health infrastructure.

To qualify as strategic infrastructure development, a proposed development must first satisfy the prescribed classes and development thresholds and, An Board Pleanála must come to the opinion (following formal consultation) that the proposed development; is of strategic economic or social importance to the State or the region in which it would be situate; and/or; would contribute substantially to the fulfillment of any of the objectives of the National Planning Framework or in any regional spatial and economic strategy in respect of the area or areas in which the development would be situate; and/or would have a significant effect on the area of more than one planning authority.

HRA PLANNING has been engaged in all aspects of the Strategic Infrastructure Development (SID) application processes.  Effective Planning (and ‘Planner’) input is important to the success of SID applications as we have demonstrated that effective input can, and has resulted with time cost savings and project resource efficiencies.  Our combined expertise in ‘Planning’ and ‘Environmental Assessment’ is advantageous to this process given the mandatory requirement for Environmental Assessment as part of this Planning process.

HRA PLANNING has also assist third parties in the SID process by providing an experienced overview of SID applications and offering professional assistance in engaging in the SID process.


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