Extractive & Renewables

Quarry and renewable energy activities are subject to increasingly complex and integrated planning and environmental legislation and assessment. These activities require an inherent understanding of the planning and environmental legislation and the site-specific constraints in order to inform investment, location and design and reduce project delays.

HRA PLANNING with integrated inhouse planning, environmental and ecological expertise provides advice and development strategy to investors and operators of quarries and renewable energy and wind energy companies.  We can identify the issues before they arise.  We can present a development strategy and undertake effective planning and environmental impact assessment responsive to site-specific issues demonstrating compliance with policy and guidelines. Relevant expertise includes:

  • Understanding of quarry activities and the effects of new planning legislation and substitute consent processes for quarries;
  • Awareness of environmental and ecological planning factors affecting wind farm sitting, location and design and how these are assessed by local authorities and the appeals Board;
  • Combined planning and environmental advise;
  • Ability to identify strategic and site-specific planning and environmental issues requiring specific attention and assessment;
  • Preparation of Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Natura Impact Assessments and habitats assessments;
  • Supporting planning statements;
  • Public/Community Consultation and local authority representation.
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