Environmental Impact Assessment and ‘EIAR’

Environmental Impact Assessment in response to the requirements of planning legislation and European Directives.

Environmental Impact Assessment is an assessment of the effects of certain development project types on the receiving environment. The preparation of an Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR) is required to accompany a planning application for certain development project types including; urban, residential and industrial development;  service and energy infrastructure projects; specific engineering and chemical processes; and processing of waste, to name but some.

The EIAR is assessed by the planning authority and/or by the planning appeals board – An Bord Pleanala.


HRA PLANNING hold recognised qualifications and offer a wealth of experience in undertaking Environmental Impact Assessment and preparing EIAR’s for various landuse activities and development projects.  Our approach is based on our inherent understanding of existing and new EIA provisions and familiarity with the Planning system and Planning legislation under which EIA will be assessed.   HRA PLANNING lead and project manage the entire EIA process from start to finish including project management and peer review of any additional specialist inputs.   The suitability of our approach in undertaking and project managing EIA has been demonstrated by the numerous EISs that have withstood the scrutiny by competent bodies and third party challenges.

HRA PLANNING EIA experience: commercial and industrial activities, recycling and recovery operations, renewable energy developments and infrastructure projects, Strategic Infrastructure Development (SID).  We can also review other EIS documents for the purpose of planning consent or for judicial proceedings. 

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