Appropriate Assessment (AA)

Appropriate Assessment (AA) is required under Primary legislation for certain projects and plans and derives from Article 6 of the EU Habitats Directive 92/43/EC.   The obligation for Appropriate Assessment applies when the integrity of Natura 2000 designated sites (SACs and SPAs) may be adversely effected by a development.  This assessment differs from Environmental Impact Assessment both in function and influence.  The AA is a determination assessment and a project that fails  AA  is unlikley to proceed.

This is an increasingly requirement in the planning application process particualily where designated sites may occur within an area as far as 15km from the project site.  Effective AA therefore requires an inherent understanding of both  planning legilsation and the ecological structure and function of designated sites.

In addittion to planning and environmental expertise, HRA PLANNING can provide inhouse ecological assessment enabling the ability to conduct integrated planning led Appropriate Assessment necesary to satisfy planning requirements.  HRA PLANNING have conducted numerous assessments for various development projects including terrestrial and marine based projects.

This service is in constant demand by individual development companies, design team professionals – architects and engineers.

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