As chartered Town Planning Consultants, HRA PLANNING is in a pre-eminent position to undertake site feasibility appraisal and review of property and development portfolios.

Service Overview:

Site feasibility by Town Planning Consultants can result in significant time and cost resources by identification and professional consideration of Planning matters early in the development process.

Site feasibility conducted by HRA PLANNING can include site inspection and opinion on National, Regional and local planning matters (and potential environmental constraints), which can then be used to inform; land acquisition, investment decisions, or site-specific development strategy.

Areas of consideration can include:
  • Identification of land use opportunities and constraints arising from Planning Policy.
  • Clarification on potential environmental planning matters and environmental assessment.
  • Implications arising from flood risk management obligations.
  • Examining Development Potential including use type, scale and density.
  • Determining the need and type of planning permission.
  • Consideration of alternative uses and, ‘change of use’.
  • Formulation of development strategy.
  • Identification of design team requirements to advance specific development projects.

As Town Planning Consultants, we currently provide this service throughout
Ireland to: developer interests, property investment institutions and the financial
sector as part of portfolio evaluation, land acquisition and site optimisation.

This expertise cannot be replicated by
other design professionals. Let us tailor
a solution to your requirements.


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