Planning Appeals. Appealing a planning decision

11 May 2017 on Latest News by Gary Rowan

Planning Appeal. Appealing a planning Decision.

Planning Appeals are on the increase consequent to the recent increase in development activity.  This can include appealing a planning application decision by a planning authority regarding a specific development project, or appealing a conditional requirement to pay development contributions to the local authority in certain instances.

A good planning appeal requires an expert understanding not just of the development project, but the planning policy context in which the scheme is proposed or, the contributions applied.  The ability to do this effectively in order to present the strongest possible Planning Appeal case is often missed by those suggesting to be ‘planning consultants’ but with no formal Planning qualification or professional planning expertise.

A Planning Appeal prepared by HRA PLANNING is prepared by professional and qualified Planners with expertise in the planning appeals process. Find out more about our planning appeal service, more about planning appeals, or contact us further.

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